Eye Donation

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Importance Of Eye Donation & How To Do It 

Why It Is Important To Donate Eyes?

We are aware that giving the gift of sight is a truly miraculous act that transforms the lives of countless others. Let’s educate people about the value of eye donation and motivate them to do so.

The most precious organ in our body, the eye, should not be wasted by being burned or buried after death. A corneal transplant can treat the corneal blindness that affects millions of Indians. The eye donor program makes this cornea transplant available.

Facts About Eye Donation

  • Eye donation is only possible after death. After death, the eyes must be removed within 4-6 hours.
  • Anyone can give eyes, regardless of age or gender.
  • People who wear glasses have diabetes, hypertension, or other conditions, as well as individuals who have had cataract surgery, may also donate their eyes.
  • Eye removal is only performed by qualified medical professionals.
  • Eye removal is only 10 to 15 minutes, and it doesn’t interfere with the funeral rites.
  • The face is not altered in any way by the removal of the eyes.
  • Both the donor’s and the recipient’s identities are kept private and are not revealed.
  • A single donor can restore sight to two corneal blind people.
  • Donating an eye is free of charge.
  • Untransplantable donated eyeballs may be used for medical research and educational purposes.

Who Are Not Eligible To Donate Eyes? 

Eyes from donors who have either contracted or passed away from the following conditions are not collected:

  • HIV infection/Hepatitis B or C
  • Sepsis
  • Specific head and neck cancers
  • Leukaemia
  • Encephalitis and meningitis
  • Rabies

What You Should Do To Donate Eyes 

If you want to donate the eyes of your deceased relative, then follow the below steps: 

  • Within 4-6 hours of death, notify the closest eye bank or eye collection facility.
  • Notify the closest eye bank of the location from which the skilled physician will collect the eyes.
  • If available, turn on the AC and deactivate the fan.
  • Keep a wet cloth over both eyes while gently closing both of them.
  • With a pillow, raise their head. This will lessen the bleeding after the eyes are removed.

What Are The Uses Of Donated Eyes?

Education and research: A variety of conditions that affect the cornea can impair eyesight either momentarily or permanently. Diabetes, ocular herpes, corneal fractures and infections, and vision loss are all potential causes. Researchers require impacted corneas to study the origins of these disorders and create improved treatments, even though the affected eyes are not suitable for corneal transplants. Additionally, they can use damaged corneas to investigate various corneal healing options. In order to instruct medical students, ophthalmologists, and eye bank staff members in transplantation techniques and procedures, non-transplantable corneas can also be used.

Treatments for glaucoma: One method includes inserting a shunt into the eye to allow fluid to flow because glaucoma causes an increase in fluid pressure in the eye. In order to make the patient’s blinking and eye movements more pleasant, the operating surgeon must cover the end of the shunt with a small piece of tissue since it extends over the surface of the eye. Frequently, the corneas or sclera of donated eyes are used to make the tissue that covers the end of the shunt.

Recovery of the entire eye: If the corneas cannot be used for transplant, the removal of the entire eye may be an alternative. Organizations and researchers who investigate disorders that cause blindness or vision loss in areas of the eye other than the cornea use whole, undamaged eyes. It is feasible to get in touch with these groups and make arrangements for the recovery of the entire eye if a cornea cannot be used for transplant.

The best blessing is being able to see your loved ones. 

So why not strive to give someone who lacks vision our God’s gift of vision?

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